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Life Is Too Short to Waste a Single Minute

My attitude towards life has always been based on the gnawing realization of how short it is. Come to think of it, with the average life expectancy being from 50 to 70 years and so many accidental events that may shorten it even more, isn’t it frightening to think that you have already had a half, or a third, or any other part of your life behind, and it will never come back to you. The time that has already passed cannot be restored in any way.

I don’t mean that the main emotion it breeds in me is despair. On the contrary, the understanding of the fact that life is short and it is virtually impossible to cram everything you possibly want to do into it always made me eager to do as much as it is possible during the short stretch of time I have.

No, I am not the one of those moralists who say that life is too short to waste it on senseless entertainment; I just say that so many people use their lives so ineffectively, never trying to achieve anything, never moving forward. They find some place to lie down and stay there for the rest of their lives.

I think that to remember that life is short is, after all, better. It teaches you to…

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