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My Most Important Recent Achievement

When I think about the difficulties that I have had to overcome recently, the achievement which I am most proud of may seem like a trifle to other people. However, for me, who lives mostly on tea and coffee, the challenge of spending three days without an electric kettle was a dramatic battle with my habits.

So, last month I was peacefully preparing for my exams and anticipating another portion of coffee when suddenly my old electric kettle made a strange pshhhh sound and passed away. All my attempts to bring it back to life were in vain and I had to accept the fact with dignity and courage. I knew that the challenge would push my mind and body to the limit and the easiest solution would be to go and buy a new one. But there were two circumstances which made me consider other options: first, it was Christmas Eve and I was on a shoestring budget, second, my mom promised to present me a new one in three days. “So, three days?” I thought.

As soon as I had made a decision, I started looking for alternative ways to survive. Not only did I find some, but they also turned out to be healthier and more pleasant than my usual coffee. I found out that fruit smoothies or yoghurts can really add…

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