Nutrition Essay

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Importance of Rational Nutrition

Food is one of the things no biological organism can exist without, at least, not for a long time. In order to live, we have to eat; it is, however, very important not to make it the other way around and starting to live in order to eat. In this case, negligence towards life may result in quite real effects.

The modern life with its ever growing tempo does not dispose to rational nutrition – in order to be supplied with all the necessary substances, vitamins and microelements, one has to either spend time cooking food or spend money eating at good restaurants, which is both expensive and not very reliable. To crown it all, the so-called fast food, in addition to being generally much more attractive than the healthy food, also contains immeasurable amounts of fat, which leads to obesity and atherosclerosis. Nevertheless, a lot of people simply do not have enough time to cook for themselves and have no one to do it for them, and there are hardly any alternatives for them.

However, if you are living too fast to slow down and eat properly, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about it completely because there is nothing you can do about it. You still can influence your diet. Try to diversify it, limit the quantity of food rich in fats you eat every day and add some more wholesome products, like fruit, vegetables, juices, cereals and so on. There are a lot of things that…

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