Proposal Essay on Poverty

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Poverty is one of such abstract concepts that can be interpreted in the most various ways and from different approaches. For every person there is a separate degree of poverty, which he/she is afraid to reach and often tries to do the best to avoid it. In this essay I want to describe the types of poverty that are the most frightening for me.

First of all, during all my life I made everything possible to avoid the poverty of soul. To my mind, it is one of the life goals that each and every person should have to live this life with dignity and without shame. It is much more difficult to achieve the wealth of soul, than the one of the material sphere. In order to do it, one should have many different interests and communicate with various people, working on his character and constantly improving it. It calls for enormous will power, as often it is necessary to overcome laziness and sacrifice some activities like watching TV and lying on the sofa in favor of reading an interesting classical book or likewise.

Of course, apart from the goal to achieve the wealth of soul, I want to be independent in terms of financial aspect. It is also not easy to achieve, and requires constant work on my character, but I am ready to do everything that is necessary, as I understand how important it is for my self-confidence and self-realization in life.

To sum up, I want to achieve as much as possible in life, so as not to get into poverty of financial and spiritual spheres of my life. Perfect balance is what I will always be working for.

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