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Rules That Make Our Life Easier

If you try to consider your learning experience, you will be surprised to realize that you have almost never been satisfied with the relationship between the teacher in the class room and you as a student. The classes are likely to have been either too boring, being confined to dull lecturing on the topic of the class, or too funny with much laughter, jokes and pleasant deviations from the topic, but of very little actual educational value. So, where is the happy medium and what is the key to a successful learning-teaching process?

However commonplace the answer may seem, one of the key issues forming the basis for any successful educational process is the discipline. But the point of the discipline must be considered with a difference. It must be something else than the dominant position of teacher’s dictatorship and more similar to a collective agreement between the students and their professor. The very first class must be devoted to discussing the rules and adopting them together. Is being late acceptable? What is a good excuse for missing a class? Are talks in class allowed? What is the time for breaks?

Such approach not only guarantees that…

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