Sample Persuasive Speech on Alcohol as a Means to Enhance Creativity

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Persuasive Speech About Alcohol and Creativity

Everybody knows that alcohol has a negative effect on the human organism. Alcohol abuse can result in a number of very serious disorders starting with kidneys and liver problems and finishing with the nervous exhaustion. Every one hundred grams of spirits can kill about forty thousand neurons in the human brain. Even such a little amount of alcohol can cause aggressive behavior. All these negative factors are widely known. However, in this speech on alcohol, I will show that it can have a positive effect too, as it possesses an important quality of enhancing creativity.

First of all, alcohol destroys mental blocks in our mind and eliminates social barriers which often limit our imagination. When the brain is slightly intoxicated, the dominant social factors become much weaker, and our imagination gets freer and stronger. Many famous artists used alcohol to get inspiration and created masterpieces, which have impressed millions of people and made the cultural life of mankind richer. Slight intoxication has been used by many dancers on stage to reduce the anxiety level and feel more relaxed, thus getting the ability to add spontaneity to their performance.

Furthermore, alcoholic drinks (for example, wine) could be a wonderful topic for the creative activities themselves. Since the time of Ancient Greece, it has always been a popular and widely exploited theme in poetry and visual arts. Being strongly associated with the joy of life and happy moments, alcoholic drinks have been firmly established as an indispensable part of the human culture.

So, the conclusion can be made that…

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