Sample Persuasive Speech on Creativity Is Only Inherent to Young People

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There is a concept shared by many psychologists that creativity is more typical of elderly people. They claim that young people do not have enough relevant experience and knowledge of the material world to implement creative ideas successfully, whereas middle-aged people are too preoccupied with the necessity to earn their living and, thus, possess no time for indulging themselves with any form of creativity. However, in my opinion, young people are those who are characterized by the highest creative potential.

The main reason for it is that due to their lack of knowledge of the material world, they possess a unique ability to generate original ideas not being limited by the borders of reality. So, young people are more likely to develop and implement an idea which can be impressive and new.

Another point is that young people are rebellious in nature; therefore, they are less influenced by the social norms and taboos. Instead of taking them in consideration and trying to adapt their creativity to what will be accepted by the society, they are more likely to create something alien to the usual mode of thinking. However, exactly such things most often become fashionable, turn over the perception of other people and set the trend. This point can be proved by numerous works of arts, which were created by world’s most distinguished artists and musicians at a very early age.

So, among different generations, young people are those who possess the highest degree of creativity, which comes not from the knowledge of the world and life, but from the imaginary universe not limited by the norms of what is possible and what is unreal.

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