Sample Persuasive Speech on Diseases That Are Nothing but the Way for Pharmaceutical Companies to Increase Their Profits

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The end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first were characterized by a dramatic increase in the number of medical cases, diagnosed with dangerous diseases. Cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, SARS, mutated flu virus and other illnesses seem to be attacking the mankind more violently than ever. Every day we read hundreds of terrifying stories in the newspapers and on the net; we watch TV reports and read educational leaflets about how to protect ourselves against these terrible diseases. But are they really so dangerous?

I firmly believe that the danger of such medical conditions is serious. However, in my opinion, it is considerably exaggerated by pharmaceutical companies for purely commercial reasons. By increasing the anxiety level among the public, they manage to boost their profits and ensure stable financial growth.

First, almost all the diseases perceived as the most serious or even lethal ones have either existed for centuries or, even if being relatively new such as AIDS, replaced the illnesses which were equally, if not more, serious (for example, plague or pox).

Second, the statistic data, used by mass media, are often presented in the way to make the real situation look gloomier, than it really is. Last year the flu epidemics was said to take thousands of lives in Europe. However, there was no comparison with the previous years, when the number of lethal cases was almost the same, but without mentioning flu as the cause of the death.

At the same time, the medical propaganda made people buy huge amounts of immune system boosters and individual protective masks, thus allowing chemists’ to make annual revenues in three days. So, next time you hear a report on TV about a new killer-disease, breathe in deeply and use your common sense.

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