Sample Persuasive Speech on Why Discrimination Will Always Exist

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Our society is developing and continuously improving. That is what we hear all the time from TV screens and front pages of the newspapers. Undoubtedly, there are problems, but we are becoming more socially oriented, tolerant, and culturally diverse. There is less discrimination and more understanding. And we are on the way to our ideal future. It all sounds very enthusiastic, but the truth is that discrimination will never be eliminated, and I will try to prove it in my speech about discrimination.

discrimination essay
It is an inherent feature of the human mentality. Since the day when the people of one tribe saw people from another one, the idea of xenophobia has been the center concept undermining the whole development of mankind. Everything that is different makes people feel fear. Unable to tolerate high levels of anxiety and accept the fact that being different does not mean being bad, people usually try either to eliminate the irritating difference, or get rid of the bearer of the difference, which is often much simpler.

Discrimination is as old as the human society itself and when we proudly say that we have almost overcome the problem of religious or racial discrimination, we actually forget to analyze the new prejudice, which appears on the ground of a lifestyle, music tastes and political views. Moreover, discrimination is the most natural way to direct aggression and negativity. People tend to attack somebody who is different, because in this case they feel fewer moral scruples about being negative to somebody who is of the same type.

On balance, discrimination is negative, but natural. All the attempts to change the society and make people appreciate the difference, dare to be different and enjoy it are absolutely useless. However, they are …

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