Should Teenage Pregnancy be the Responsibility of Society?

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Today more often than not we can hear the opinion that the society should take care and responsibility for that; that certain evils cannot be considered personal problems, but only can be solved by human community in general. One of such popular problems is teenage pregnancy.

Teenage parents, they say, cannot support their children, so the society should take responsibility for them and help them in all ways possible. Beating about the bush aside, it means that the society has to pay in order to support these children – because their appearance, after all, is our communal guilt.

But why? Why should I spend the money I earned without any support from the society to help it support a 15-year old I never heard about who was careless enough to get pregnant? Why is it my problem?

Let’s face the facts: children are stupid. Teenagers may be even more stupid, because their mentality is not that different from that of children’s, but they have much more opportunities to get into trouble, mostly because they already feel themselves to be adults and think that they can behave like adults. In fact, however, it means that they don’t simply do the things the adults do, but imitate the behavior of adults as they see it, getting into no end of trouble on the way.

The more society takes responsibility over its…

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