Six Simple Ways to Fight Your Laziness

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Do you have huge plans each day, but never complete even a third of them? Do you promise yourself every evening that you will go jogging in the morning, but when the morning comes you simply cannot make yourself do it? Can you always find ten reasons why your desire to get or achieve something will never come true? Then these simple guidelines on how to fight your laziness are for you:

  • Motivate yourself! Think of a really good reason to do something, the reason that you feel once realized would bring a bit more happiness into your life.
  • Plan thoroughly! Identify your target result, consider what steps you should take and put them down on paper. Then, do one step at a time.
  • Give yourself little presents! Think of some things you would like to get, but never have enough money or time to buy and promise to give it yourself as a present as soon as you do what you need.
  • Tell other people about your plans! First, it will make you feel more responsible; second, putting something into words makes your plans more realistic. If you just think about something to yourself, you can then easily forget about it or pretend you have never thought about it, but if you announce to as many people as possible, they will start asking questions.
  • Do the unpleasant tasks first! If you have to do several tasks, do the most unpleasant one first, the easiest and the most interesting must be the last, then it will be a kind of a reward for you.
  • Do not get distracted! While working on a task, do not let yourself get sidetracked. The sooner you do the task, the sooner you will get the result.

These time management techniques will make your life far more organized and interesting. Make sure yourself!

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