Teaching Ethics

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Although a career in teaching can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, it is a demanding professional activity, which cannot be confined to the deep knowledge of the subject and teaching methodology. It requires a whole range of important personal qualities and a proper mode of behavior, which makes teaching ethics a necessary prerequisite.

Teaching ethics is so important for educational sphere because, apart from being a knowledge mediator, a teacher takes an important part in bringing up a new young generation. They must be able to provide a personal example of a professional who is able to comply with the norms of the society being polite, tolerant, feeling deep respect to the audience and perceiving students as partners in the educational process, rather than objects of influence.

These professional ethical norms must become a standard mode of thought and, what is even more important, of action for those who are eager to become dedicated educational professionals. This career path presupposes constant spiritual work aimed at improving yourself. In the ideal world a teacher must be a personality focused on personal and professional growth, an individual, who is able to impress, inspire, be looked up and admired.

Such a teacher can influence the younger generation not with fear and authority, but with love, patience and respect, which is usually much more effective. So, the higher the ethical standards among the teachers are, the more developed the society becomes. This means that teaching ethics becomes of utmost importance, as it influences and structures our everyday life even if our school days passed a long time ago and we actually do not feel the direct influence of the educational system.

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