Sample Thesis About Love in Art

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Introduction Thesis about Love

Love is definitely one of the first and most wide-spread topics in art. What is peculiar about it, no matter how much people talk, write and sing about it, there will always be a place for more creativity and pieces of work, as it is one of the most multifaceted concepts there exist in life.

One of the other peculiar features it has – everyone can find something interesting in it for themselves, as every person who experiences this feeling has his/her own view towards it and feels it differently. Thus, it gives immense space for creativity. If each person decides to write even on one aspect of love, every piece of work will have something unique in itself, which will make his particular feeling one-of-a-kind. If, on the other hand, people at some point in life understand that they haven’t ever felt love, it is also interesting, as there are always some unique stories standing behind the unfortunate events.

Another interesting feature of love is the number of different reactions it can cause. It is conditioned by the fact that love is one of the most powerful feelings people can ever feel. In this aspect, it can be compared only to the feeling of hatred, as it also urges people to feel a great variety of different feelings, as well as act in different ways.

So, love has always been and will always be one of the best aspects of people’s life. It will always inspire them for actions and feelings that it is impossible to experience without it, and it is what makes this feeling beautiful and what will always be the goal of people’s lives.

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