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Thesis Paper on Position Age Discrimination in the World

Position Age Discrimination Paper in the World

Although we live in a democratic society and much has changed in the viewpoints and ways of thinking recently, there are still certain events when unfairness and discrimination take place. One of such spheres is employment, and there are different features, in which it can be noticed: national origin, skin color, religion, gender, disability, or age. In this essay I want to describe the one type of discrimination that can each of us face with time – age discrimination, as I consider it to be one of the most unfair and inappropriate ones.

So, why do many people experience problems with finding a job after he is 40 years or older? First of all, it is considered that such people are less flexible and it is harder to teach them how to do something, and especially if there are some changes involved in their current system of views. Besides, people over 40 years of age have to spend more time adjusting to new technologies and understanding them. They also want higher salaries, as they have rich experience. All of these stereotypes can stop employers from considering the candidatures of this age, which is a mistake, to my mind.

I think that instead of focusing on the potential drawbacks, it is necessary to consider the benefits first. Such workers can significantly improve the work atmosphere and share their valuable experience with the others. They make the mood more balanced and harmonized, usually aren’t conflict and can solve many issues just on the basis of their skills and experience. Moreover, their views on life are realistic and stable.

On the whole, I think that there are indeed certain positions that are better handled by young employees, but still there are such, in which age will only be a plus. Employers should…

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