Essay About Dreams at Night

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I have always been fascinated by dreams, mysterious images that come at night, taking us to the world of our subconsciousness. Why is it that some dreams are black and white, and some are colored? Why do we sometimes see prophetic dreams and can predict the events before they really happen? Why do we sometimes remember the dreams in a very detailed way, but sometimes do not remember them? Why do we dream at all?

Dreams are the way our brain processes the information. They are vital for our successful work during the day. Physiologists and psychologists who study the work of the human brain, claim that each person sees between two and five dreams per night, but usually, we forget about them in the morning. However, if a person is woken up during the dream, they are very likely to give a lot of details about it. So, the clarity of the dream in our memory actually depends on the phase of the process when we are woken up.

The scientists also think that prophetic dreams are nothing, but effective work of our brain. While we are asleep, our brain cells continue their effective work. They sort and file the information obtained during the day, and when the information input is limited, as our eyes and ears rest, the full capacity of our brain is used to find the solution to the problem which we either consciously or subconsciously regard important. That is why the solution often comes to us while we are dreaming. One of the most famous examples of the effective night brain work is the periodical system of Mendeleev, who made his brilliant discovery while dreaming. Ironically, it is a great subject for ‘What dreams may come’ essay. So, the next time you are going to cut down on your night sleep, consider carefully if it is really worth it.

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