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What Is the Main Thing in One’s Life?

In my opinion, the most important thing in a person’s life is the attainment of happiness. However, before attaining it, one should define it first.

Happiness does not presuppose that your life is easy, pleasant and does not require making any choices or efforts. Quite on the contrary – I think that such kind of life inevitably leads to degradation and, being more mundane, boredom. For can you really say that you have done something if you haven’t met any challenges and haven’t overcome them? Life shouldn’t be a straight line leading from birth to death, gradually, without ups and downs; it should always pursue some goal; and not only pursue, but achieve as well, in order to choose a new goal, a new direction and move further along it.

Human is indivisible from what he does; his work is what I consider to be the most important thing in the world, at least from his point of view. If you have found a line of activity that you are genuinely interested in, which makes you happy, then you have made a correct choice, and all you have to do is to move forward, to perfection in this area. If not, then you should go on seeking, trying this and that, looking for what is yours.

The phrase “life is work” may sound a little bit…

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