Why I Love Chopsticks

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Ask any European of whether they find eating with chopsticks convenient and the answer is certain to be negative. And I am not an exception. I will eagerly agree it is true, but despite this fact I love eating with chopsticks and take them everywhere with me, using them for everything from sushi to French pate. Why? The matter is that convenience is not the only factor that can influence your attitude to something: chopsticks have so many advantages that you soon stop thinking about the drawbacks.

First, eating with chopsticks is slow. This brings benefits both in terms of your appearance and life enjoyment. When you eat slowly, your neurons have enough time to transmit the signals from your stomach to your brain and you eat exactly the amount of food you need without facing the risk of eating too much, which happens regularly in case you eat with a fork and a knife. Then, when you are enjoying a slow meal, you have enough time to speculate upon the events of the day or discuss something thoroughly with your friends and family. This gives you a sheer pleasure of communication together with a nice break from the hectic rhythm of life.

Besides, chopsticks add a unique flavor to any meal. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that wood is considered to be an “alive” material which can transmit the energy and the memory of the tree it once was a part of into the food a person is eating. Thus, meal becomes more nutritious, healthy and useful. So, if you suffer from an eating disorder, do not like the taste of your meal or eat on the move, buy yourself a pair of chopsticks and soon your life will change for the better.

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