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How many words are there on a page?

If you choose a single-spaced paper, each page will have approximately 550 words. Double-spaced pages are 275 words long. The margins will be one inch long on all sides.

When will my order be ready?

Your order will be completed before the specified deadline. Please bear in mind that if you need revisions, a new deadline will have to be arranged. However, we guarantee that the first version of your paper will be ready on time. Please note that the time to the deadline will start counting down only once the payment is made.

I'd like to pay after I see my paper. Is this possible?

Unfortunately not. We offer prepaid services only with the guarantee of a timely delivery of your order. You can find essay samples on our website. Once you make a payment, two things happen: the writer will start working on your paper and the timer to the deadline will activate.

What are the guarantees that I can trust you?

We have helped thousands of clients already, and they feel we can be trusted. Our reputation speaks for itself. If you are concerned about your financial details, don't. We do not get your full payment details. They will only be known to a secure payment processor. The basic billing information we get, such as your name, phone number, address, and the last four digits of your card, is used for the authorization purposes only.

  • Fill out the form (note that you will not be able to edit it later)
  • Your account at will be automatically created
  • Enter a discount code if you have one (you can only enter the code before you submit the form)

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What is included in the price?

The Reference and the Title pages are already included in the cost of your order. You pay for the paper body only. Free formatting options according to your requirements and quality 24/7 customer support are also in the package.

Why is authorization required?

Authorization is necessary to confirm that it is the card-holder or the authorized person who is making a payment on this website. This is a safety measure that helps us protect the credit card owner.

What discounts do you have?

To show appreciation to our customers, we've come up with a system of discounts. Find out more here.

  • Various payment options are available: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover
  • Payments are processed by a secure payment system

Order in progress

Who is going to do my assignment?

We have professional writers ready to write your paper round-the-clock. Our expert team of writers has been carefully chosen by our Quality Assurance Department to ensure an amazing experience for our customers.

Need a paper in British or American English? Why not mention it in your order? Please remember that a writer from a particular country might not always be available.

I'd like to talk to my writer. How can I contact him/her?

There is a messaging system in your control panel (your personal account) at For privacy and security reasons, this is the only allowed way of communication with the person who is working on your order.

What if I need to send additional materials to my writer?

Please do so via the “Files” section in the corresponding order in your control panel. The more details about your assignment are available, the easier it will be for the writer to do everything correctly. Our website accepts all popular file formats. You can also send your files to and get in touch with our Customer Support Representatives via live chat if you are having trouble uploading your documents.The common format of additional materials is .doc, .docx or .pdf.

  • Upload additional documents
  • Talk to Customer Support Representatives / Your writer
  • Your order will be completed before the specified deadline

Download your paper

Will you email my finished paper?

Your order can be downloaded from your profile page on our website. However, we will send you an email notification when your paper is ready. A preview of your order and later the editable version of the paper will be available in the “Files” section of your profile.

Something needs to be changed in my paper.

There are three free revisions available for that. You can request a revision either before or after the order approval. It is easier to do before approving your order, but not impossible afterwards. In the latter case, you will have to reach our Customer Support Representatives.

You have 7 days to ask for a revision after the paper is approved, or even 14 days if you have a larger order consisting of more than 20 pages.

Read more about free revisions in our Revision Policy.

Is there a guarantee that my paper will be original (plagiarism free)? What's the price of a Plagiarism report?

Although all our papers are plagiarism free, we can provide you with an official Plagiarism report for an additional guarantee of the originality of your document. Here are our prices: Double-spaced pages: 1-10 pages - $9.99 with $1 extra for every additional page. Single-spaced pages: 1-5 pages - $9.99 with $2 extra for every additional page.

Upon request, we can use TurnItIn without storing the uploaded papers in a database. The price for this option is $29.99.

Will you check my paper for plagiarism using TurnItIn?

We can use TurnItIn only upon your request. Usually, this website stores all the uploaded papers in a database, but we can use it in such a way that no document will be stored in a database.
Apart from this most-discussed plagiarism detector, generally we tend to use popular web tools that do not store files in a database too and give precise results of the plagiarism level, if at all.
If you need a plagiarism report to go with your paper, add the relevant extra to your order.

  • Study the finished order
  • Approve and download
  • Send for a free revision
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