How Do We Use TurnItIn?

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Approx. price is a popular online service used by various educational institutions worldwide to detect plagiarism in students' papers.

How We Use TurnItIn

Upon request, we can use TurnItIn without storing the uploaded papers in a database. This means that if we submit your paper to this service, it will not be regarded as plagiarized after any further uploads by anyone else. Your assignment can be scanned by TurnItIn once again in the future and it will be marked as plagiarism-free.

What We Guarantee

Each page ordered at is free from plagiarism. We can provide you with a plagiarism report to ensure the complete originality of the papers we write from scratch. TurnItIn is not the only tool that we use (we rather use it when you require so). Generally, we apply premium versions of the popular and reliable plagiarism detectors that show copy-pasted text without storing the submitted information in a database.

This way, we can be absolutely sure of the high quality of orders that we deliver.

Will you check my paper for plagiarism using TurnItIn?

We can use TurnItIn only upon your request. Usually, this website stores all the uploaded papers in a database, but we can use it in such a way that no document will be stored in a database.

Apart from this most-discussed plagiarism detector, generally we tend to use popular web tools that show does not store files in a database too and give precise results of how the plagiarism level, if at all.

If you need a plagiarism report to go with your paper, add the relevant extra to your order.