Why Not TurnItIn?

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TurnItIn.com is a popular online service used by various educational institutions worldwide to detect plagiarism in students' papers.

Why We Never Use TurnItIn

TurnItIn stores all the uploaded papers in a database. This database is then used for the plagiarism detection purposes. So if you submit your paper to this service, it will be regarded as plagiarized after any further uploads by your professor. This means that your assignment can only be scanned by TurnItIn once or else it will be marked as non-original.

What We Guarantee

Each page ordered at PaperWritings.com is free from plagiarism. We use WebCheck to ensure the complete originality of our papers. This reliable plagiarism-checker can detect copy-pasted text without storing the submitted information in a database.

This way, we can be absolutely sure of the high quality of orders that we deliver.