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College Major Decision

10 Steps to Choosing Your Major

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 21 Nov 2014

  If you are undecided about what to major in, you are not alone. While you don’t have to go into college knowing what you want to do in life right away, it is recommended to choose a major by the end of your freshman year. With so many possibilities at hand, you may feel…

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6 things every college student should own

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 06 Nov 2014

The start of college is a stressful time and it can keep being stressful if you don’t take the time to sit down and think about the must-have’s to make your life easier. Here is a list of 6 simple and no-brainer things that will significantly ease your college lifestyle.  


A Perfect Structure for a Perfect Essay

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 15 Oct 2014

Throughout your academic life, you are required to write dozens of essays. This task shouldn’t be daunting; in fact, it can be quite easy and pleasurable if you are 100% sure of what you are doing. Yes, you have to develop good arguments as well as persuasively analyze and discuss ideas. But the main ‘secret’…

Why You Absolutely Need To Celebrate Halloween

Written by: admin at 31 Oct 2013

There is a lot of history to Halloween, but we are not going to go into that. You do not need to know where, how, and when Halloween originated to get the most of it.

Your Right To Know: Immigration Rules For International Students

Written by: admin at 28 Oct 2013

If you didn’t come to the United States or United Kingdom to get a well-paying job after you graduate, think twice.

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Foreign students in USA, new statistics 2011/2012

Written by: admin at 09 Oct 2013

Impressive Numbers For A Reason We mean just look at those numbers! There are numerous reasons for why many-many prospective students prefer the States to United Kingdom, Canada or Australia. Some of these reasons are: solid job prospects, flexible immigration rules, how friendly people are, how many internationals are already in the country or the…

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Get Scared And Get Productive On This Friday The 13th

Written by: admin at 11 Sep 2013

That’s why we are going to be giving away 20% (!) discounts for a limited time of 13 minutes during Friday the 13th, at 1:13 PM. Read further for more info on the promotion!