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5 Cheap Ways to Have Fun Like the Movie Characters This Summer

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 15 Jul 2015     

Who told you that the best ways to have fun with friends in summer require a lot of money? Sometimes, it takes not much more than a gumption and a creative way of thinking. So, come on, let’s think outside the box and find out how to have as much fun as we can and as cheap as possible, or maybe even absolutely free of charge.

Today we will follow the steps and have fun the way different characters did from the movies you must have seen. Or must see, if you haven’t.

So, let’s go summer right away together!

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How to be Both a Full-time Student and a Part-time Worker?

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 27 May 2015       

There are so many ways to earn money as a student. But what if you want to combine studying and working to get more than just some pocket money?

Let’s take a look at some ideas and tips we have to help you succeed in both studying and working. We are ready to show you how to cope with the obstacles on your way to combining these two vital activities. So keep going with us to triumph.

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Passing a Class with Minimum Effort

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 08 Apr 2015     

College life is full of so many opportunities. So many of these opportunities go beyond just studying and going to class. Depending on your college or university, you may have exciting clubs, sororities, groups, sport teams and everything else you might want to join. Now the challenge comes when one tries to combine all the other activities with actually getting passing grades. Do not get me wrong. Often, the “additional” activity is a part time job that helps you pay for that very college tuition, so it can be pretty important and you may not have the luxury of just not doing it.

Luckily, people have studied for hundreds of years and there are many ways to getting good grades. Sometimes it is as simple as taking 4 easy steps forward. Here are 4 tips to passing a class with minimum effort so that you can have more free time for all the other stuff.

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Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 19 Mar 2015     

springbreaktextSpring break is right around the corner. With the last exams behind you, it is time to start planning how to get the most of your days off. Sometimes our plans can go beyond our budget though. Never fear! We can make plans for any budget. You can travel for just a day or two and spend the rest of your days in an amazing Spring Staycation. You would be surprised at the number of great places that are right around the corner or not that far away. Here are some ideas to get you started.


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6 Ways to Earn Money While Still in College

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 03 Mar 2015   

College tuition can get pretty expensive. But that’s not all you have to pay for! Once you actually get to college, there is still the dorm, the supplies, the books, the food and so much more than you come to realize when living alone. Extra cash can never really be truly «extra» in college. There is always something to do with it! Here are a couple easy ways to earn some cash and still have the time to keep up with college life.

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