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Chernobyl Accident Essay – Sample Review of Chernobyl HBO Miniseries

A rare member of the audience is prepared for the gut-wrenching realism of the HBO mini-series Chernobyl. That is being said, no citizen of then-Soviet Ukraine was ready for the harrowing course of events that unfolded on April 26, 1986. In a split second, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant turned into a fire-breathing, radiation-spewing monster.

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Feminist College Essay Sample

“Who runs the world? Girls!” A phrase iconically celebrated by the queen of the “beehive” herself, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. However, with every form of expression comes multiple forms of interpretation. While I perceived the phrase to be a lyrical proclamation towards celebrating the undermined strength that comes with being a female, many men viewed it…

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Essay on Donald Trump: President Pimple Popper

When I think about Donald Trump, I think about Dr. Sandra Lee. Her TLC show, Dr. Pimple Popper, features nauseatingly graphic footage of appointments and operations wherein she treats patients who come in with, as TLC puts it, “blackheads so big and cysts so goopy, they have to be seen to be believed.” The show’s…

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Swiper, No Swiping: How Online Dating Apps Create Romance by Devaluing Love

Sound the alarms! The millennials are coming! I’ve seen too many articles about the various institutions and industries being annihilated by my generation.1 Mashable’s list2 of 70 things millennials have allegedly killed in USA ranges from crude “breastaurants” like Hooters3 to golf4 to homeownership.5 They hold us responsible for so much of the latest social,…

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Children Obesity Essay Sample

Childhood obesity essays are commonly assigned to medical and nursing college students to encourage them to think about effective ways of combating the emerging public-health crisis. Use this informative, facts-based essay sample to craft your own paper about the problem of obesity among children.

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School Bullying Essay: Bullying and Its Consequences

Everyone knows that bullying is wrong. It always has been. Students – and people in general – have been bullied before and continue to be bullied today. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, in 2016 over 20% of students reported having been bullied in schools, which makes one out of every five students…

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Theoretical Orientation

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Looking at the movie “Silver Linings Playbook” from the psychological point of view, it is clear that the situation with the main character, Pat (performed by Bradley Cooper) sparks interest in the light of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. In this respect, the application of theoretical orientation should be analyzed step by step in accordance with…

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Slavery practiced in traditional African societies.

Slavery is an old age practice in Africa. The institution of slavery has existed in the history of human beings both in the primitive societies and the civilized societies. Most ancestors were either slaves or slave owners. In southern Africa, the most slaves were found in Mozambique and Angola. West Africa also had several slaves…

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Pilgrimage taken by Mansa Musa of Mali 1324

The Impact of Mansa Musa Pilgrimage to Mecca on the History of Africa Historians consider Mansa Musa’s pilgrim journey to Mecca as one of the most interesting stories in the history of Africa (Woods & Tucker, 2006). This is because Musa was a king who ruled one of the richest empires in ancient Africa. Mansa…

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The Hegemonial Exchange Theory in Traditional African Political Thought

Hegemonic exchange is defined as a type of arrangement whereby the state facilitates coordination between the central government or ruling elite and other ethnic or regional interests to allow for mutual accommodation between them and facilitate peaceful coexistence (O’Flynn, 2010). The Hegemonic model lays emphasis on making inter-ethnic negotiations mostly in states that are ruled…

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