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Admissions Essay on the Effects in Society of the Increasing Number of Women in the Workforce

Impact of Increased Number of Working Women on the Society

With changing social trends and increased demand for members in the workforce, there are more opportunities for women to be employed. From corporate sector to the public administration, women now have the chance to obtain secure employment, provided they hold the right qualifications. Such changing trends have significant effects on the society in terms of accepting the idea of gender equality and the level of autonomy experienced by women.

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Admissions Essay on the Animal You Would Like to Be

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be a Lion

If I were an animal, I would definitely be a lion. This is due to the fact that lions, as opposed to other animals of the cat family, have a tendency to conduct their hunting activities in groups. This increases their chances of conquering preys that are much bigger. In this life, there are a lot of challenges that make our existence stressful and complicated. This is why, when I come across any difficulties, I usually ensure that I establish teamwork with my allies, because I know that two heads are always better than one. I frequently compare my challenges to those of a lion, for example, when it wants to kill a prey such as a hippopotamus. A hippo can be approximately 10 times or more the weight of a single lion. However, the combined effort of lion’s pride makes the prey vulnerable and easy to kill.

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High School Life Essay

High School Attendance Policy

It is a usual practice to look over the students’ attendance and make sure they miss as few classes as it is possible; the ones that miss too often may have certain sanctions applied to them, no matter what their reasons are and how quickly they are progressing. To my mind, this approach is not only anachronistic; it shouldn’t have existed in the first place. But now it looks especially out of place.

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Admission Essay on Paleontology

I will never forget my eighth birthday. Mt father’s present was the best of the best: it was the dinosaurs’ atlas. Since that time I have had a bee in the bonnet: dinosaurs have become my obsession. After my plea, my father took me to the Museum of Natural History and we spent hours there, walking under the dinosaurs’ skeletons and inhaling the dust of the past. It is useless to say that the best film of all times is “Jurassic park”. When I watched it for the first time, I clearly understood that my only way in this life would be to become a paleontologist.

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Admission Essay on Astronomy

Since my early childhood I have known I want to become an astronomer and I am sure I will be a good one for a number of important reasons, namely: I have excellent exam results, high IQ test score, will and determination to cope with the hard work and studies. However, all this is not important if compared to the reason, which I consider to be the most crucial: I will be a good astronomer because I have a dream.

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Admission Essay on Landscape Design

Many people find their place in life because of their talents: when they leave school and have to decide on their career, they analyze their strong points and choose the sphere where they can apply these qualities successfully. In my case, it was totally different. Since my very early years I have known what I want to do. However, my decision was based more on my weaknesses, than strengths. I have always been very shy and found it difficult to socialize with my peers. The only time when I felt calm and free was when I spent time in my grandmother’s garden, planting and watering flowers, mowing the lawns and picking fruit. Gradually, my way to escape unpleasant life situations turned into a genuine fascination with nature. I learnt different characteristics of plants, peculiarities of their growth and methods of looking after them.

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Admission Essay on Composing Music

When I was little, I was not afraid of darkness or monsters under my bed. There was the only thing I was afraid of. It was absolutely horrible, almost physically painful. It hurt my ears. It made me restless and upset. The only thing I was afraid of was silence.

The matter is that our huge house has hardly ever been silent. With five children, two dogs, three cats and our parents it has always been full of noise, laughter, jokes and music. Even when we all went to bed, our Mom took our old CD player and found a disk with Mozart music. And every evening I fell asleep listening to the wonderful, absolutely perfect sounds, which symbolized peace, quietness and harmony for me.

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Admission Essay on History

In my childhood my grandfather told me lots of fascinating stories. They were full of different characters, such as Native Americans, heroic soldiers of the Civil War and the Second World War, ordinary people who built up their country despite all the hardships. I often asked my grandfather how I could know all this. And he would answer: “Boy, you should take part in it.” With time I understood that I can really take part in these events by bringing them back to life from the past, reading about them, researching the documents, studying the reasons and the consequences.

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Admission Essay on Economics

Whenever I think about my childhood, I remember the times when my father would come home after a tiring day at the factory, which he owned. He would sit back near the fire place and tell me: “My dear son, if you want to be successful, you need two ingredients: strategic thinking and hard work.” These words rang in my ears on the day when my father’s factory was announced bankrupt. I looked at my father who was sitting near the same fireplace and murmuring to himself: “What did I do wrong?!” That was the moment when I felt the urge to work out the system of economic knowledge, find out how not to make the same mistakes my father had done. To put it plain, I wanted to know how money work.

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Admission Essay on Psychologist

When I was seven, an important event happened in my family, which changed our whole life. I clearly remember that my Dad came into my room, woke me up and said that he had to take my Mom to hospital and I had to go with him. We went together and then I remember long hours of waiting. It seemed to me that we had been sitting there for ages. One moment I fell asleep, but soon the door opened and a good-looking woman with a kind face invited us to come in the room. There was my Mom with a little bundle in her arms. She waved me to come closer and there was my younger brother.

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