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Expository Essay on Why Parents Sometimes Have to Be Harsh

“Spare the rod – spoil the child” the ancient saying goes. It grows less and less popular nowadays, but to a certain extent some degree of strictness or harshness is still considered to be normal, except for the cases when parents are really frightened to cause their children any kind of pain. So, why are…

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Expository Essay on Why It Is Useful to Know a Second Language

Although English is for sure the most widespread and the most useful language to know at the time being, knowing another language, or even several of them, can always come in handy. If your native language isn’t English, the second one should definitely close this gap, for about 80% of all the useful information that…

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Expository Essay on Useful Decision Making Techniques

It is often said that the most difficult activity that a human being can face is making decisions, and not only important ones, but in general. It is true to a certain extent, especially for some people who, due to various reasons (usually rooted in their upbringing) find difficulty making even the simplest and most…

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Exploratory Essay on Influence of Computers on Children

The world has changed drastically over the last 20 and especially the last 10 years; what we see now is very distant from what existed at that time. That means, naturally, that children that were born within this period, especially during the last decade, are growing up in a completely different environment than the one…

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Exploratory Essay on Creative Methods of Teaching

Teaching is a very delicate process that requires a lot of attention from the point of view of teacher. According to an opinion that has been very popular during the last few decades, it is creative methods of teaching that really make this process effective. But is it really that important?

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Expository Essay on Consequences of not Knowing How to Use a Computer

We live in the time when it is no longer possible to avoid computers even if you feel dislike towards them. Even ten years ago the situation was somewhat different – they were, of course, very important, but there still was possibility for those who did not want to do anything with computer technologies to…

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Expository Essay on Libertarianism

What Is Libertarianism? Libertarianism is a school of socio-economical thought, or rather a trend, unifying a number of relatively similar schools of thought that proclaim that the freedom of the individual is the most important thing in existence, support the idea of the free market developing without any oppression or intrusion of the state, complete…

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