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War Essay

Can War Be Justified?

It is a very popular point of view nowadays that war is the ultimate evil of mankind and cannot be justified by anything. War is evil, war is hell, war should never happen. This pacifist rhetoric has, of course, very little to do with the reality. And reality is this – yes, war is evil, but sometimes a little evil is necessary to prevent a bigger one.

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Sample Essay about Love

Love and Reason

I have always been surprised by people describing love as a kind of disease, over which a human being has no power and which he simply catches, like cold. Isn’t it absurd to build the most important of your relations on mindless instinct that is in no way related to your conscious decision? I have always been disgusted by those who talk about their love as something beyond their control, something which made mind unimportant. I still do, yet now I start to suppose that we have quite different definitions of love itself.

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Sample Essay about Life

Your Life Is Built by Yourself

When people speak about someone who seems to be getting everything too easy, they usually say that he got lucky – either he was born in a rich family, or was fortunate enough to use some circumstances to his advantage, or something else of this kind. The truth is, however, that the person’s environment in life, either in the beginning or in its course, is not everything.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet – Love or Infatuation?

The image of Romeo and Juliet is generally considered to be an iconic symbol of everlasting, pure, powerful love. However, it often strikes me that a lot of people who use it in this meaning have never read or watched the actual Shakespeare’s play, for when I did it and tried to analyze the presented situation logically, I came to quite different conclusions.

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Racism Essay

What Is Wrong about Racism

Racism is an ideology that is generally considered wrong, disgusting and antiscientific. However, when asked why it is so, most people will say: “Because all people are equal”. And this shows that people just don’t understand what they say and what they believe in.

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Nutrition Essay

Importance of Rational Nutrition

Food is one of the things no biological organism can exist without, at least, not for a long time. In order to live, we have to eat; it is, however, very important not to make it the other way around and starting to live in order to eat. In this case, negligence towards life may result in quite real effects.

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Nursing Essays

Nursing Practice as the Way to Obtain Medical Experience

Many people tend to treat medical nurses with a certain degree of disdain, as a kind of medical dogbodies whose only function is to change bed sheets, wash the bed-ridden patients, move them about and, in general, be responsible for all the kinds of dirty work real doctors have no time for. Reality, however, is somewhat different, at least nowadays.

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Music Essay

Music as Integral Part of Our Life

Music is one of the most ancient kinds of art, and simultaneously one of the most mysterious. What makes this or that composition of sounds pleasant for a human ear? Why this set of sounds can be considered music and this one – not? Why different people like different kinds of music, to an extent of actively disliking one of its types and loving another?

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Love Essay

What Is True Love and Does It Exist at All?

True love is like a ghost – everybody speaks about it, but nobody has ever seen it” – this French proverb reflects the attitude towards this feeling that is shared by more cynical individuals, but, in fact, has rather little sense of its own. The reason for it is simple – not only nobody has ever seen true love, but nobody actually can define it in a way that would be supported by at least a couple of people besides himself.

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Life Essays

Is It Possible for a Human Being to Know His Purpose in Life?

I have a strong suspicion that every human being that lives, had ever lived and will ever live has a particular purpose, or mission, in life. The problem is not in the fact that there is no such thing, but in the fact that one has to understand what it is before he can make any steps towards fulfilling it.

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