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Speech on Genetic Engineering Persuasive Essay Sample

In this genetic engineering speech, the author brings up the topics of the concept of human genetic and the abnormality of trying to change what the Nature ordained for us. Below, you can read the short introduction part of the paper. Yet, even here, you’ll see that all the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering are considered so thoroughly that this piece could easily become a basis for a decent argumentative research paper. Read more »

Sample Persuasive Speech on Fight Against Terrorism or a State Money Laundry

The new century is claimed to bring a new problem to the society – the problem of terrorism. This social phenomenon influences the life of many countries, putting the lives of the citizens in danger, creating the feeling of anxiety and insecurity, turning the life of ordinary people into a horror film and making them think about war. Governments of many countries try to fight terrorism; but for some strange reason this fight is largely unsuccessful. So, why does it happen?

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Sample Persuasive Speech on Diseases That Are Nothing but the Way for Pharmaceutical Companies to Increase Their Profits

The end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first were characterized by a dramatic increase in the number of medical cases, diagnosed with dangerous diseases. Cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, SARS, mutated flu virus and other illnesses seem to be attacking the mankind more violently than ever. Every day we read hundreds of terrifying stories in the newspapers and on the net; we watch TV reports and read educational leaflets about how to protect ourselves against these terrible diseases. But are they really so dangerous?

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Sample Persuasive Speech on Creativity Is Only Inherent to Young People

There is a concept shared by many psychologists that creativity is more typical of elderly people. They claim that young people do not have enough relevant experience and knowledge of the material world to implement creative ideas successfully, whereas middle-aged people are too preoccupied with the necessity to earn their living and, thus, possess no time for indulging themselves with any form of creativity. However, in my opinion, young people are those who are characterized by the highest creative potential.

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Sample Persuasive Speech on Alcohol as a Means to Enhance Creativity

Persuasive Speech About Alcohol and Creativity

Everybody knows that alcohol has a negative effect on the human organism. Alcohol abuse can result in a number of very serious disorders starting with kidneys and liver problems and finishing with the nervous exhaustion. Every one hundred grams of spirits can kill about forty thousand neurons in the human brain. Even such a little amount of alcohol can cause aggressive behavior. All these negative factors are widely known. However, in this speech on alcohol, I will show that it can have a positive effect too, as it possesses an important quality of enhancing creativity. Read more »

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