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Leadership Essays Examples

What Makes a Good Leader?

The answer to this question is very simple – there is no answer, for the sheer reason that there is no universal formula for becoming a good leader. There are methods and techniques that can be used only by a certain kind of people – if you have a low and squeaky voice, you will hardly be able to inflame the audience with a rabble-rousing oratory.

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Informal Essay Examples

Are We All Going to Die in 2012?

As the year 2012 draws closer, one can hear statements about the impending end of the world more and more often. It seems that the ancient Mayans, a South American nation that was surprisingly good at mathematics and astronomy, believed that the world is going to end in the end of 2012. Whoever of them predicted it, he was reasonable enough to place the date far enough from his own time, in order not to be around when the time comes.

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Home Essay

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

What is a home? We all, of course, know that it is not simply a place of residence – not every place where you live may be considered to be your home, although it is always a good idea to try and turn it into one. But what is it then?

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GMO Essay

Genetically Modified Organisms – Benefit or Danger?

The usage of genetically modified organisms in various industries, generally in food production, is a popular reason for outrage. People consider this meddling with genetic code to be disgusting or dangerous or something else. Generally, it simply means that they cannot understand it and, thus, consider it to be bad – the usual way people treat new and yet unknown things. In popular consciousness the understanding of genetic modification lies within the lines “Oh my god, they have crossed tomatoes and spiders!” and, although no one really knows whether it is true in any sense of the word, or, in fact, what it means, there is this creepy image of tomatoes springing out tiny legs and crawling around immediately formed somewhere in the collective unconscious.

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Global Warming Essays

What Is Really Behind the Global Warming Hysteria?

Let us face this fact – almost anything that happens in our everyday world is a result of political and economical factors. The world is ruled by politicians who wish to expand their control over as many spheres of human existence as it is possible and everything that serves as a reason for outrage and hostility of this or that kind is always done because someone needs it.

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Genetically Modified Food Essay

Is Usage of Genetically Modified Food Immoral?

When I hear some things said by people who oppose usage of genetically modified products, as well as a great deal of other inventions in agricultural technology, I always want to remind them that just a several decades before, when major research in this field was either still under way or wasn’t even started yet, the world public has been seriously estimating the impending problem of global starvation that seemed inevitable in the face of ever growing population and stagnating agriculture. It was the Green Revolution of 1940-1970 that effectively averted the crisis and gave all these panic-mongers their satiated lives.

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Friendship Essays

What Is Friendship?

C.S. Lewis characterized friendship as the only kind of love (yes, he attributed friendship to love) that makes us similar to gods or angels, because it is the only kind of relationship in which the choice is made solely and exclusively by us, unlike parents, relatives, workmates and, to a certain extent, even spouses. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your social status, job, set of interests is; there will always be some people whom you consider to be your friends. They are not necessarily the ones who are always around and with whom you spend the majority of time – people may not see each other for years, communicate only accidentally and still remain good friends, ready, for example, to help each other when it is necessary.

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Free Narrative Essay

Typical Night before an Exam

I belong to people who actually take examinations seriously, and for the entirety of my student life I suffered because of it. Not because I was so afraid of every single exam – on the contrary, I never treated them as something frightening, for I knew that if you prepare for them properly, there is nothing to be afraid of. And so, I prepared properly. The problem was that my idea of “properly” has always been somewhat different from what was expected by the professors, and successful passing of the examination usually could have been achieved by about 10% of the effort I actually applied.

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Free Narrative Essays

You Never Know What You Can Do Till You Try

I have learned the truth of this proverb back in high school, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that to a certain extent it determined my lifestyle afterwards.

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Free High School Essays

School Uniforms – Yes or No

I have always been surprised by those who support the idea of school uniforms and sometimes even go as far as propose to make them obligatory for all schools irrespectively of the opinion of their headmasters, students and parents. In my opinion, hearing such statements in a free country is something unpleasantly odd, for it feels like people consider that there is too much freedom around and it should be somewhat reduced.

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