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Nutrition Essay

Importance of Rational Nutrition

Food is one of the things no biological organism can exist without, at least, not for a long time. In order to live, we have to eat; it is, however, very important not to make it the other way around and starting to live in order to eat. In this case, negligence towards life may result in quite real effects.

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Nursing Essays

Nursing Practice as the Way to Obtain Medical Experience

Many people tend to treat medical nurses with a certain degree of disdain, as a kind of medical dogbodies whose only function is to change bed sheets, wash the bed-ridden patients, move them about and, in general, be responsible for all the kinds of dirty work real doctors have no time for. Reality, however, is somewhat different, at least nowadays.

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Nursing Essay

Nursing as a Career Choice

For the last two decades the interest in nursing as a profession and an overall career choice has been gradually reducing, and there is no much possibility for a change in the years to come. There are a number of reasons behind it.

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My School Essay

My Attitude Towards School

I think I wouldn’t be alone if I confess that during my school years I hated the place where I had to study. Or, I suppose, not the place itself, but the system it was based on, for none of the three schools I managed to study at felt very much different.

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Music Essay

Music as Integral Part of Our Life

Music is one of the most ancient kinds of art, and simultaneously one of the most mysterious. What makes this or that composition of sounds pleasant for a human ear? Why this set of sounds can be considered music and this one – not? Why different people like different kinds of music, to an extent of actively disliking one of its types and loving another?

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Mass Media Essay

How Much Can One Believe Mass Media?

Some people really consider the mass media to be the fourth estate in its own right, keeping other three in balance. And, while it is true that in a democratic state the mass media are independent to a great degree and are free to criticize the actions of the government and its powerful officials, people tend to forget that there are certain powers standing behind every newspaper and every TV channel, and they want their interests to be protected – otherwise, they wouldn’t have worried about supporting these mass media.

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Love Essay

What Is True Love and Does It Exist at All?

True love is like a ghost – everybody speaks about it, but nobody has ever seen it” – this French proverb reflects the attitude towards this feeling that is shared by more cynical individuals, but, in fact, has rather little sense of its own. The reason for it is simple – not only nobody has ever seen true love, but nobody actually can define it in a way that would be supported by at least a couple of people besides himself.

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Life Essays

Is It Possible for a Human Being to Know His Purpose in Life?

I have a strong suspicion that every human being that lives, had ever lived and will ever live has a particular purpose, or mission, in life. The problem is not in the fact that there is no such thing, but in the fact that one has to understand what it is before he can make any steps towards fulfilling it.

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Life Essay

Life Is Too Short to Waste a Single Minute

My attitude towards life has always been based on the gnawing realization of how short it is. Come to think of it, with the average life expectancy being from 50 to 70 years and so many accidental events that may shorten it even more, isn’t it frightening to think that you have already had a half, or a third, or any other part of your life behind, and it will never come back to you. The time that has already passed cannot be restored in any way.

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Leadership Essays

Concept of Leadership in Modern World

Leaders have existed and have been important at all periods of time, but only in modern period did people start to treat this problem methodically and scientifically. In most cases, however, the results leave much to be desired, because some kind of leadership education will never make an outstanding leader out of somebody who hasn’t got natural predisposition towards it. Somebody may say that leaders are made, not born. It is so, to a certain extent. But in order to make a leader you should have correct material first.

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